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Obligatory Zero Punctuation Praise Post

I’d be failing in my duty to you all as a “hip” “young” “blogger” who plays “video games” if I didn’t heap praise on the wonder that is Zero Punctuation, a series of flash video delivered reviews of Video Games which essentially revive the spirit of classic Your Sinclair/Amiga Power/Digitiser (new?) video games journalism and merge it with a rapido style fast delivery and cheap animation.

It’s genius.

So, I’d recommend you watch this round-up of the current consoles:

There’s a new review every Wednesday, here’s another favourite of mine reviewing Medal Of Honour Airborne:.

"Tired of using technology", you say?

Then why does the bulk of the song (other than the amusingly terrible lyrics) consist of a C64 loop being pitch shifted up and down (and badly at that!)?

50 Cent AYO Technology feat Justin Timberlake

On the plus side, the instrumental version is a great example of how to integrate chip music into a modern sound. Though for me I’ll still look to the likes of Kelpe and 8bitpeoples for my fix.

They Might Be Geeky

There’s a really good two part interview with John Flansburgh (of They Might Be Giants) over at GearLog which lets him ramble over all kinds of technical topics. Most interesting of all is his talk of the early days of dial-a-song, their pre-answering machine phone service allowing their fans (and just the curious) to call and hear their latest songs. Kind of a proto-myspace.

The thing that was interesting doing Dial-a-Song was that we could find an audience in the daytime. They could experience our music at their jobs, on the phone.