Monthly Archives: March 2005

New adventures in Hi-Fi

So, imagine if the RIAA was lying all along and sales of music were actually improving?
You don’t need to dream.
Yes, all of those RIAA decline in music sales figures would appear to have been based on figures for “sold in” to shops rather than sold from. Naturally, high street stores are generally aiming to stock less and yet sell more (it’s a much more profitable way to operate). There’s also some interest as to how much the RIAA are interested in the sales all along the tail rather than just in the top 200.

You’ll be reassured to note therefore that online music (even the illegal stuff) is not evil after all. It would also appear that Sony like the idea of a itunes for video. Nifty but I’d like to see the Sony wireless movie viewer to watch them on first…

Doctor Who

doctor who

Yes, at long last, Doctor Who has returned to our screens. There’s been a lot of talk in the media about the unfortunate generation (of which I was almost a member) who were unable to grow up with the show. I, on the other hand had the dubious pleasure of growing up with Sylvester McCoy.

We are at last free of wobbly sets and needless cliffhangers but I was strongly disappointed by the soundtrack. Earlier music has bordered on naff regularly, but it was an air of experimentation and uniqueness that fueled it and indeed helped give berth to the modern electronic music movement. I would by no means argue that they should have dumped the original theme but if they wanted a modern update they should have used The Orbital’s cover.

Other than that note perfect. Ten million viewers and the bulk of the Saturday night audience agreed.
Oh, and top marks for a convincing use of the internet in a BBC drama, and the site exists!, alas poor Clive.

New BBC News 24 Countdown

bbc news 24 trail sat d\'oh

The BBC have celebrated Easter Monday by unveiling a new series of countdown montages for their News 24 channel.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to understand how satellites work, so their vision of the news bouncing around the world via the BBC is more than a little wonky. In reality it’s much more like the following diagram.

Still, given that the BBC have sold off their technical expertise with some vigour in recent times, it’s not all that surprising.