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Come On August, Want Ponyo NOW

As you probably know I’m a massive Studio Ghibli fan. Their last couple of films were sadly a bit disappointing partly due to lower levels of involvement from their (inevitably exhausted) genius director Hayao Miyazaki. [1. Though in truth his colleague Isao Takahata has also produced stranger and more fascinating films] Thankfully, their latest film Ponyo on the cliff by the sea has all the hallmarks of plenty of involvement from Miyazaki and now has a release date of sometime in August, maybe (TBC). I can barely wait.

Anyone looking for an interim Ghibli fix would do well to read over The Ghibli Blog, I really liked this music video in particular.

Fresher's Week 2001

So you ask, why didn’t I blog for so long?

Well, I went out and did things for a while, I had long reckoned this would be a busy week, my busiest since the festival, and I was not wrong – if anything I was the busiest I have been since well ever really.

Nice easy day, spent worrying where my exam results were, and what I was going to do this week. Followed by pub quiz with sister where to be frankly the team’s performance sucked. I got home late to discover that I had indeed failed maths again. Dammit!

Woke up semi-late, spent whole morning writing e-mails to DoS and another contact at the university. Then dashed down to anime / animation soc meeting then up to Pollock to sit playing the gamecube for the first time and explaining it to Freshers. Luigi’s Mansion is an alright game, though not immersive enough for me… Started to plan the 80s night properly, having been derailed by the exam results the night before.

Woke up at 10:30 and thought “bugger” given that I was meant to be at the Pleasance, got showered and dressed as fast as possible, dumped my new Totoro DVD and some others into a bag, put on my Nausicaa T-shirt and dashed along. Had fun as many played with my Kodama plush toy, and random people (mainly women) noticed the Miyazaki elements of the aasoc stand and got excited. This was a good thing. Spent evening formally planning the 80s night having written a quick schedule at the stall.

Woke up at 8:30, suddenly found myself in the shower and was then dressed for going to Pleasance ridiculoulsly quickly. Disconnected VCR, and took it with videos and some DVDs and kodama to take for stall along with Michael’s Rei. After queueing up all the tapes for 80s night I dashed along to the Pleasance but ended up there ridiculously early and spent much time on my own setting the place up. President of filmsoc turned up and remarked that none of her lot had turned up either and handed over some Totoro plush, got excited by these a fair bit. Later got more Totoro and a Whisper of the Heart art book (I think, damn this memory lack of mine).

Anyway, got rather tired, and then rather more tired (etc.) I then managed to detach the detatched head on the Rei figure in such a fashion as to break it… this was a bad thing! I got rather jumpy after this, as Michael (who owns this) said he was going to pop along and see the stall. Went for a long lunch break with Ian to his flat and calmed down, and had a nice amount of Sherbet. Then got back and had a nagging suspicion that something was missing from the stall. After an hour I noticed that the artbook we had been lent was not there… oh dear… I got worried, asked the others at the stall if they knew where it was, looked in bags, then after a while el presidente himself turned up and said the girl had taken it back, I calmed down again, and got sleepy…

Went home with VCR and tapes, dumped them and picked up 80s night tapes and headed back via Ians to carry his VCR in (SVHS deck = the goodness). New Projector was a dream, and we set up with a whole 5 minutes to spare in the end. We got a huge picture which filled the screen 🙂

80s night itself was running fine until I realised that somewhere along the line I had managed to devise two schedules for the same night neither of which added correctly. This meant we took an enforced break in the middle and then had to cut an episode each from two shows near the end of the night. The place was really full by Thundercats time (over 270), which was amazing. It emptied late, around midnight, when we showed Jem – people seemed not to like it, shame.

Got to bed at 2 AM.

Woke up at 9:45, had DoS meeting at 10:10, got into 2nd year somehow.

Went past gamesoc LAN setting up, well I tried to but I failed and got dragged in. Ended up carrying a PC in, then setting up the room with a couple of others. Then got an offer of a lift, so I went home packed up my PC and then came along. Had forgotten to tell PC it would be on my 15 inch rather thatn my 19 so I spent the first 20 minutes getting that sorted, then played lots of quake 3.

Somehow at one point, I suddenly regained all the skills I had ever had at quake 3 and more, and led a match all the way until I was at 49 frags with 1 more needed to win. My heart was pounding and I was so incredibly over hyper it was ridiculous. I lost by nothing at all, i.e. that one frag, which sucked, but I was happy with my performance on the whole. Phoned Ian and forced him into coming, helping to carry his PC there from his flat. After the LAN we got a taxi together to my flat where we gamed until around 4:30 AM. I then slept at 5AM.

Since then I have been relaxing and trying to calm down… oh and trying out my new force feedback wheel.

Must sleep now…

Got 2nd year to get on with!