Monthly Archives: January 2005

Vintage 2003 Soundhog sir? oh, and how about a history of the genre?

Ever the giving sort, Soundhog has now posted the original edit of his appearance on XFM’s The Remix from November 2003.

As you can hear, he’s always good.

grab it quick, bound to disappear as fast as… well, I should mention this here as well.

Strictly Kev AKA as DJ Food produced a madly nifty mix late last year by the name of Raiding the 20th Century a history of the cutup.

Now, just to be pretty nifty and verging on the intellectual he’s remixed it with a bunch of Paul Morley talking about bootleg culture.

Strangely it’s actually not a big pile of wank and rather good. A must in fact. Already unavailable at the original site, There is now a bit torrent link.