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N95 8GB v31 Firmware, The Aftermath

Image showing the Nokia N95 with slide opened
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Slightly dull albeit useful post, just upgraded my N95 8GB to the latest firmware. Here’s everything I now have to reinstall or setup with a wee description.

Mobbler – last.fm client
Viewranger – OS Maps with GPS support
Large Clock Screensaver – as it sounds, makes for a much handier quick check if you’ve received a message.
Twibble – Twitter support, including ability to use twitpic and include gps location.
Mobipocket – for when my Sony Reader is too bulky, and I want to read something interesting.
Location Tagger – Automatically GPS tags any photos I take.
pyPozmonica – use your phone as a spirit level, amazingly handy
Mobitubia – a YouTube client, very handy for showing odd videos to folk from time to time. And for impromptu sing-a-longs. (was going to link to Joe’s Quantum theme but it’s gone missing, natch).

And new this time Noka Maps 3 complete with 3D bridges… not so sure about that particular feature, but terrain mapping on demand is handy. Indeed, the 3D tower bridge looks… terrible.

So with all that on there is the N95 “what computers have become”. In a word, no. For one thing I don’t risk destroying a computer completely when I patch it against a security hole. For another it’s not reliant on another machine to get patches applied. I could go on, but for every minute of use I’d had from my mobile I’ve then had a couple more minutes of reboots, freezing and irritating hassles like the screen dying for no apparent reason.

Still, could be worse, could be an iPhone. (ducks)

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Flickr Furtherance

Further to my recent post on my flickr profile I’ve been hard at work trying to organise and sort my photos. I noticed that I’d got slightly hooked a while back on grabbing letters so I made a set called Alphabet, and submitted a couple of photos to group called One Letter.

Wasn’t expecting this, and am most amused:

Of course, if I can find an E then I can spell theft in my set as well. Though I do like such a creative reuse.

What happens when I watch one thing…

So Ian (whose fault it usually is) sends me a link to this nifty video of tilt shift shenanigans in motion video form.

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

I realise I rather like the soundtrack and google it finding out that it’s by Sonido Lasser Drakar who have an album on emusic.

And before you know where you are you’re listening to an electro remix of the Knight Rider theme.

Pontiac Firebird by Sonido Lasser Drakar

Just a normal evening in really. One of these days a similar link from Ian will push me over the edge and I’ll given in and buy either a Pentax K20D or a Nikon D90.