Monthly Archives: December 2008

Happy Christmas!

Sinister Snowman

The Sinister Snowman wishes you all a Happy Christmas.
I meanwhile am sat wondering how I fell asleep and woke up to notice that I was suddenly 27, why it’s an age that almost calls for an adult approach to life, certainly now that I’m doomed to pay full fare on the trains and tube these are harsh times.

Exciting “where did the year go, exactly?” post to follow. In continued flickr-blogging it would seem my vibrant sunset is liked by a few folk.

Meanwhile Up The Road

Had the largest urban shopping centre in Europe open up just off the top of my road in the past few months. Other than a Waitrose, the only redeeming factor is that it photographs nicely, especially when it’s wet and lit up at night.

Amble around Westfield
Westfield opening Saturday
Casting stones into the pool of retail

View my Westfield set

(and yes, if you’re viewing this on the blog, I have just broken my style sheet, guess I’ll actually finally do a design on here for the new year, for now – apologies).

Flickr Furtherance

Further to my recent post on my flickr profile I’ve been hard at work trying to organise and sort my photos. I noticed that I’d got slightly hooked a while back on grabbing letters so I made a set called Alphabet, and submitted a couple of photos to group called One Letter.

Wasn’t expecting this, and am most amused:

Of course, if I can find an E then I can spell theft in my set as well. Though I do like such a creative reuse.