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2009, 27, $70,000,000,000,000

So it’s 2009, we’re just about to send a second mission to Jupiter to find out what happened to the Discovery and human progress marches on. I’m now 27, which feels unbelievably old and mature to be surrounded by so much stuff in my ever student like bedroom. And there’s $70 trillion in the giant pool of money [mp3 here] in the world so we’re building the future ever faster.

Why is it only figures involving cash money that have this nasty habit of going down as well as up?

Anyway, happy new year. I attempted to forecast my future using molten lead [video] and accidentally created Cthulu.
Bleigie�en closeup

I also indulged in the many years German tradition of watching Dinner For One and drank a fair bit of gin.

Coming up next, my predictions of which bands don’t stand even a small chance of making it big but that I really like from 2008.

Happy Christmas!

Sinister Snowman

The Sinister Snowman wishes you all a Happy Christmas.
I meanwhile am sat wondering how I fell asleep and woke up to notice that I was suddenly 27, why it’s an age that almost calls for an adult approach to life, certainly now that I’m doomed to pay full fare on the trains and tube these are harsh times.

Exciting “where did the year go, exactly?” post to follow. In continued flickr-blogging it would seem my vibrant sunset is liked by a few folk.

The Future Of British Rail Is In Derby

No, really. Nipped around the Derby Industrial Museum which contains a fascinating almost entirely backlit exhibition about British Rail Research. Sadly BR Research didn’t last much after the 1991 creation of this museum, but as you can see from the following photos this place was and is all about the future. And with talk of 140mph trains, it’s a future we’re still yet to see to be honest.


Also on show was a large scale model of the APT – Advanced Passenger Train.