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19/08/2008  	NET INTEREST TO 18AUG2008  	  	7.46
19/09/2008 	NET INTEREST TO 18SEP2008 		3.95
19/10/2008 	NET INTEREST TO 18OCT2008 		2.04
19/11/2008 	NET INTEREST TO 18NOV2008 		1.01
19/12/2008 	NET INTEREST TO 18DEC2008 		0.25
19/01/2009 	NET INTEREST TO 18JAN2009 		0.06

My best rate of interest is now on my Egg Money Card.
4% for a positive balance!
Not that I have a positive balance on there.

Tipped For The Top (sorta)

It’s a new year so everyone‘s trying to predict the big musical acts forthe year. I hate such nonsense myself but as a prelude to my usual year end round-up here’s a few acts I’ve come across lately that stand at best an infinitesimally small chance of making it big but who I really rate. It must also be said that much as I doubt the odds of any of these even achieving big cult status in a world in which Why? is finally lauded as an indie master in the year end round-ups anything is possible. They’re all British – my days as an American Indie Kid are clearly numbered. This is flash heavy, so if you’re reading on facebook or a bad RSS reader, click-through to my site for the videos and other embeds.

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2009, 27, $70,000,000,000,000

So it’s 2009, we’re just about to send a second mission to Jupiter to find out what happened to the Discovery and human progress marches on. I’m now 27, which feels unbelievably old and mature to be surrounded by so much stuff in my ever student like bedroom. And there’s $70 trillion in the giant pool of money [mp3 here] in the world so we’re building the future ever faster.

Why is it only figures involving cash money that have this nasty habit of going down as well as up?

Anyway, happy new year. I attempted to forecast my future using molten lead [video] and accidentally created Cthulu.
Bleigie�en closeup

I also indulged in the many years German tradition of watching Dinner For One and drank a fair bit of gin.

Coming up next, my predictions of which bands don’t stand even a small chance of making it big but that I really like from 2008.