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YouTube – XTC – The Road To Oranges & Lemons

Apparently all the cool kids are destroying the internet by rotting their brains looking at videos on google video and youtube. I’ve succumbed as well, having found that there are a lot of interesting vintage clips along with even rarer footage of Scotland winning football matches. I’ll be logging my favourites over there.

Such as this puppet show made by XTC depicting their history which is chaotic genius. Clearly Adam and Joe stole all their ideas from XTC.

YouTube – XTC – The Road To Oranges & Lemons

Better Than We Know Ourselves?

This Pitchfork Feature is fascinating. Like half of the known blogosphere and more I use and find it invaluable in reminding me just what I’ve been listenning to, especially to see my top tracks for the most recent week.

I don’t really buy the idea of using it to find new music just yet. Mp3 blogs are easily the best for that. However, random stats floating about of what people actually listen to fascinates me. If only there were a reliable way to do the same with books.

Do you use an Oystercard Tony?

Yes, it’s the burning question on Londoners lips, and naturally my (evil Tory) MP has opted to ask it. Is there nothing Blair can give a straight answer to?

Greg Hands (my Tory MP)
To ask the Prime Minister
(1) whether he uses an Oyster Card in fulfilling his official responsibilities;
(2) whether the Oyster Card he was filmed with for television on 27 April is one he uses in fulfilling his official duties.

Tony Blair (Prime Minister)
I travel making the most efficient and cost-effective arrangements. My travel arrangements are in accordance with the arrangements for official travel set out in Chapter 10 of the Ministerial Code, and the accompanying guidance document, “Travel by Ministers”.

Meanwhile he’s also signed an early day motion for the RECOMMISSIONING OF CONCORDE AS ROYAL AIR FORCE ONE (why is all caps still in fashion in Westminster?) and another which has a go at Time Out for failing to include (lovely) Kingston in their London for Londoners guide.

I’m sure he does some real work as well.