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2007: now I know…

In web comics I learnt that xkcd rocks (and is worryingly accurate).
Google Reader made my internet addiction quicker and more fulfilling.
Facebook contains most of humanity (and some folk I went to school with)
Planning systems bear no relation to democracy, logic or a useful method of improving your neighbourhood.
Going to gigs a lot is great for the mind and soul but less so for the ears.
English countryside is muddy.
Web video is the way to review video games properly
People are more wonderful than even machines
Good ideas need squared paper
They Might Be Giants invented myspace (sez me)
My time is worth less than a car driver’s
Posting my emusic top 10 got me more readers than anything ever (1500 hits and counting!?)
I should have got cracking on my cack Amiga music project about four years ago

and I realised I love London