Monthly Archives: April 2006

the pleasure of living in London

So, I got stuck in a small traffic jam on the way out of my house yesterday. Various police were zooming around on mopeds and talking animatedly, and hordes of police vans were descending on the area. I assumed that there was some form of a drugs raid going on. It would appear truth is stranger still, with a local “artist” dumping packages containing nails in parts of my area including my street.

Now, I can defend modern art up to a point when it just tries to create a stir. However, there’s something a little tackless in dropping dummy bombs in an area of London that had a failed bombing within the last year, merely a fortnight after 7/7 itself. And it’s the not only terrorism in the history of my street either, there was a cache of IRA guns above the shops oppostite my house in 1970.

Because you know I am just a giant head

They Might Be Giants have been a geek music fixation of mine since 1990, which feels like an awful long time ago now. I was young then. Way back when they had the wonder of dial-a-song (718 387 6962 narrrrrr…) to use as an instant outlet for songs.

Now they have a podcast, and they’re doing it with alarming regularity. Most of it’s a random mix of older classic tracks, but they keep on chucking in interesting live versions and good new stuff. Every so often they even post something so obscure I’ve never heard it before.

If you have the slightest interest in TMBG I’d thoroughly reccomend going and subbing up as it’s like a dial-a-song that prods you. Check TMBW (This Might Be a Wiki) for details of what you’ve missed, including the ever growing list of podcast exclusives.