Hello, my name is Alex Ingram

Online I’ve been nuttyxander since the year 2000. I was once mad-alex but so were many other people. So I twisted to be nuttyxander, and no-one else has been mad enough to follow suit since. You can google me! (don’t)

Having grown up in Edinburgh and gone to university there I left for London via the not particularly lucrative job of book-selling. I’ve worked for Waterstone’s and Apple.

I was in 2013/4 coordinator and vice-chair of my local cycling campaign, hfcyclists part of the London Cycle Campaign. I remain a fairly busy activist working with local campaigns (mainly Islington where I work) and with the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain.

I have a few projects on other sites I like to juggle around:
Amble Scope is my blog for writing about cycling, walking, transport and cities in general.
Pages and Screens is my professional existence to let me comment on the book trade and work within it.
The Past In Print is a more fun hobby which showcases the best in old books in a hopefully novel and interesting way.

If you want to be professional you can nag me on LinkedIn or email me using my contact form.

I see this site as a reasonable enough place for me to express my opinions whatever they may be. Half the fun for me is looking back at what I used to think and how I used to express it. I hope that amuses at least one other person. For a more freeform stream of consciousness version of the same, follow me on twitter.

Beyond that I cycle around, read, go to the theatre, stare at art and attempt to hold and utilise political views for the good of the world.