Monthly Archives: November 2006

if you like recomendations…

Then you might like Librarything‘s features The Suggester and far better(er) The Unsuggester.

As you can imagine taking actual (publicly declared admittedly) collections of books and analysing similarity throws up some things you’d expect. So for example Blankets by Craig Thompson leads to an ordered list starting with his other works before widening out to Persepolis, Jimmy Corrigan, Watchmen, Box Office Poison and Bone. The unsuggester reveals a scary list of John Grisham, Robert Ludlum and Patricia Cornwell. Does this mean graphic novel fans hate series crime/thriller novels and vice-versa? Nothing shocking really.

Of course, Amazon have been doing this for years. I felt a little tickled that they saw fit to highlight that I might want to pre-order a Teasmade, or indeed a fan should I need to keep cool in the shocking November heat. I do love just how classic the teasmade styling is.

Some things are best decided outwith the minds of machines.