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All the cool kids have iPhones now


Yikes, this is the graph for usage of cameraphones on flickr. Last time I looked at this it was a nice and fair fight between the N95 and the iPhone. Clearly now the iPhone is far out in the lead. Which is surprising as it’s not a particularly great camera at all. What it does do though, clearly, is make it relatively easy to take photos for most people, and I guess it’s pretty unarguable that the iPhone is the most usable smartphone by some scary distance.

I, meanwhile, am remaining an uncool N95 kid and intend on maybe upgrading to an N97 when it comes out.

I Love Keeping Track

cold hearted tracks full Many years ago I took this photo just to try and capture the cool pattern in the snow. I came back to develop it a few weeks later and noticed the heart shapes. I’ve even been able to get a similar photo in recent snow. Amusingly there are enough photos on flickr to warrant a group.

As a further concession to valentine’s day, let me link to a critique of Valentine’s design and the ever lovely Anti Valentines (perhaps I’ll finally give in and use You’ll Do next year).