Monthly Archives: March 2009

Music to hold onto whilst the sky is falling

At last, the start of posts about my favourite music I came across last year.

Watch this video on YouTube.

I’ve been listening to Kelley Polar since his first album Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens was reccomended to me by emusic. It was nice, but didn’t really hook me but his second album I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling is quite simply fantastic and this song, Chrysanthemum is perfect.

Hushed breathing over his by now standard ethereal synth and drum machine sounds leads into a lovely intro

One white skull used to be a friend of mine
Two atoms kiss and what a funny valentine
Three more years before you’ll ever see the sun shine
I held your hand but now you’re just a fuzzy outline

followed by the chilling and evocative chorus

Make a chrysanthemum of every human head
Make a chrysanthemum and kill them in their bed

And if you haven’t quite got it, I think the video makes it nice and clear. The album is well worth a try, with a brilliant mix of modern clear production values against a sumptuous 80s sound.

All the cool kids have iPhones now


Yikes, this is the graph for usage of cameraphones on flickr. Last time I looked at this it was a nice and fair fight between the N95 and the iPhone. Clearly now the iPhone is far out in the lead. Which is surprising as it’s not a particularly great camera at all. What it does do though, clearly, is make it relatively easy to take photos for most people, and I guess it’s pretty unarguable that the iPhone is the most usable smartphone by some scary distance.

I, meanwhile, am remaining an uncool N95 kid and intend on maybe upgrading to an N97 when it comes out.