Who's Afraid Of A Ginger Beard?

A portrait of the artist as a trim beard This morning I was feeling contemplative, pensive and ponderous. My thoughts turned to my beard and I wondered idly if perhaps I should go clean shaven for a bit. Fortunately support for the beard rattled in. A subsequently mentioned internet oddity involving a woman who knits beards led me back to the wonder that is Beard Revue where I soon found myself with a t-shirt purchase conundrum that could not be solved simply by crowdsourcing an opinion from twitter, so I figured I should test the polling plugin I just got for the blog.

Who’s Afraid Of A Ginger Beard?
[poll id=”2″]

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1 thought on “Who's Afraid Of A Ginger Beard?

  1. mb

    HA! You should definitely buy that shirt. Especially since it’s sold in the UK. I’m still mulling over whether to buy one and suffer international shipping.

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