Monthly Archives: July 2011

Weird Morning

So, this morning, I got run over on the streets of London. AGAIN. This time by a moped which had allegedly just been stolen by two lads who were spooked by a police motorbike and decided to careen into the back of this poor cyclist.

Just as I started to get myself together in the ambulance I started tweeting about what happened, and I’ve just consolidated all of those tweets into a nice little timeline on Storify.

Sat here in bed at the other end of the day I feel very positive despite all that’s happened. Strangers and friends alike were kind, the emergency services looked after me well, without any rush, and work were pretty understanding. Haven’t gone back to see what state the bike’s in yet, but apparently it wasn’t too bad, most of the damage basically happened to me as I flew over the handlebars having been undertaken by a moped which landed on me with it’s two occupants.

If I do have a bit of anger, it’s this. I know I was run over by someone breaking the law, who the police are trying to track down. But I also know that there are people driving today with well over 12 points on their license, and there is a lot of talk of smoothing the traffic flow in London. What smooths the traffic flow when a mindless accident like this in a major junction blocks off two lanes and doubtless caused tailbacks for quite some distance? We can’t get away from sharing the roads with each other, if you really worry about congestion, lobby for safer streets for everyone, a few more people on a few more bikes having a lot fewer accidents and I think we all get to win.

I can’t wait to head out for a ride again myself.