Monthly Archives: August 2004

a time limited offer

Full steam ahead on the move to London.
I have now moved both bookcases and almost all of my books, all of my CDs and a bunch of smaller bits of technology. I’ve even sorted through my clothes, finding that some of them really belong in the bin, some can go to charity and almost half of them are even worth wearing.

Still more fun yet to come, as I attempt to get one of the two small computers into a reasonable setup for stuffing into a bag and taking as my container of music and video etc. However, the impressively heavy 19 inch monitor stays up here (and is for sale to anyone interested, especially if they are interested in giving me an appropriate amount of money).

It’s my last day in the branch on Friday the 3rd, then a week off including getting the train (first class!) to London on the 9th and then my first day as a commuter on Monday the 13th.

I will be off net from the 9th for a while, I might get dialup going sometime in September, but no guarantees. Expect less blogging for a short period.

one way ticket

Big news really. I’m going to be heading to London for a junior role in the Product department.
I have an impressively short space of time (just over two weeks) in which to pack, move almost everything I have into my parents house and then pack two bags and head south sometime in early September. I have only nine more days to spend with my colleagues in the branch I have known as work since April of 2002, I’m going to miss a lot of things, but in truth I could do with moving to at least a different city to Edinburgh if not a bigger one, so I’m looking forward to it all.

Between this and the bike ride earlier in the year I’ve pretty much covered my aims for the year, and it’s only August.