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Fred's Shed

blank fronted house
So there I was watching BBC News last night, when they showed Fred Goodwin‘s house[1. confirmation over here halfway through this Daily Mail article]. I was somewhat shocked to realise that not only did I know the house, I’d already taken a photo of it many years ago. I quite like it, it’s a modest looking mansion. [2. reminiscent of but more opulent than the house my mum grew up in the appositely named Mansionhouse Road] And the window that isn’t at the front is rather nifty. Shame I’d never get a mortgage together to buy it…

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Daily Digest for February 25th

twitter (feed #5) 9:09am must remember to put my headphones in a place I can find every morning. [#]
twitter (feed #5) 1:05pm just realised I can break my fast with pancakes. Win. [#]
twitter (feed #5) 2:17pm pleased to see on reviewing the forms that the hospital was using Pentax optics. I’d dare say I can’t swallow Nikon or Canon… [#]
twitter (feed #5) 6:48pm top marks to whoever chose to put a pancake batter recipe at the top of the BBC wap site. [#]
flickr (feed #6) 6:59pm
flickr (feed #6) 6:59pm
flickr (feed #6) 6:59pm
flickr (feed #6) 7:00pm
flickr (feed #6) 7:00pm
flickr (feed #6) 7:00pm
twitter (feed #5) 8:39pm on listening to it a second time, I realise I should adapt the girlfriend mathematics from This American Life’s valentines show to London [#]
twitter (feed #5) 8:50pm @getsong1 no. P.S. write a better parser [#]
twitter (feed #5) 9:01pm test pancake time [#]
twitter (feed #5) 9:21pm now for the lime and sugar experimental pancake [#]
twitter (feed #5) 9:39pm two slips for show, then one for actually getting the pancake onto the other side [#]

Workplace Jukebox

Thanks to various of my colleagues but possibly mostly the rather lovely and ever more missed SJP, I’ve always associated certain publishers or titles with certain songs. This largely revolved around singing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart when a certain publisher was mentioned (clue: they’re not called bright eyes).

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of dealing with Twilight at work lately and I’d been listening to ELO at the weekend. This therefore means I have Twilight from the album Time stuck in my mind. The album itself is, I think, rather a corker, even if it was only really made as part of a contractual obligation. There’s really not a great video of it, but thankfully there is the epic fan made video Daicon IV made for a Japanese SF Convention of the same name. The video is a riot, containing some frankly ludicrously good animation and references to every single possible piece of SF culture.