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Street Photography at it's most literal

Streets of Edinburgh is an interesting website replete with photos of 987 streets in Edinburgh. No more, no less, no comments, no meaning, just an A-Z and photos of the streets. It’s quite good, when browsed randomly at remembering just how much of Edinburgh is quite plain, ordinary, dour even. Though I’m sure some of that may be the black and white aesthetic.

Whilst I’m on the topic, Dave Henniker’s website features lots of great photos of Edinburgh and has been a site I’ve been looking over for maybe ten years now, certainly it was somewhat of an inspiration in my early photography.

Never Mind The Ting Tings Here's Modernaire


Why don’t you give me a taste? Why don’t you give me a taste?

You know how every so often you stumble onto a song and you realise that either you’ve caught on to it really late or you’ve just found the song that’s destined to be all over the airwaves later? I remember the thrill of the early listens to Radio Soulwax, Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy and Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. And as in all those cases this is something that’s excellently produced and in a soulwax way got more than a hint of dirty electro around it.

I’m asking. Yours for the asking.

Well, that’s The Modernaire’s Taste this year – almost certainly. Well, at least if not they should be justifiably upset. And their lyrics mean they seem pretty much at home on Brainlove, maybe not as overtly disatisfied and political as Napoleon IIIrd or Pagan Wanderer Lu but still in the same zone. And what evokes dystopia better than a dirty synth line?

You were happy to dance all night
But you wouldn’t move any closer
You said you wanted to go for a drink
But you only ordered a cola

Obviously if you wanna hear for yourself you’ll either need EDIT, ta Tom, I’m a fool! go to their myspace or better yet grab Taste as an mp3 for 99p from their other label Jackdaw or on emusic, itunes (spit) or in reality. Brainlove deserve your support cos they are awesome. But if you just want to hear something then you can just go here and grab Rain which bemoans living in rainy northern towns.

My shoes are always leaking cos of shoddy workmanship

Roll on Brainlove All Dayer #2 (knew I should have gone last year, foolishly didn’t – I could have seen Fuck Buttons).

I should also point out that the EP is split with another band, Friends of The Bride but their Divine Comedy like stuff hasn’t hit a chord with me as yet, when/if it does they’ll get their post on here.