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Fred's Shed

blank fronted house
So there I was watching BBC News last night, when they showed Fred Goodwin‘s house[1. confirmation over here halfway through this Daily Mail article]. I was somewhat shocked to realise that not only did I know the house, I’d already taken a photo of it many years ago. I quite like it, it’s a modest looking mansion. [2. reminiscent of but more opulent than the house my mum grew up in the appositely named Mansionhouse Road] And the window that isn’t at the front is rather nifty. Shame I’d never get a mortgage together to buy it…

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Four Years Gone

So it’s now four years of living in London (and a week).
I marked three years with a massive post, but this time I’ll just put up a few photos I’ve found on my old Sony k700i. I think I got it like a week before I left for London, and it was my first camera phone. Annoyingly I’ve just had to press it back into service because my N95 8GB has just had total screen failure and my N80 is still locked to Orange.

Last sunset
This was my last meal in Edinburgh, and there was a magnificent sunset, but I only had my crap camera. Still, brings back a lot of memories.

Contained train
I took a lot of photos on the train down the following morning and the two above I’m still rather fond of.

Mind The Gap
Chiswick park cheap panorama
And then I started being a commuter. These two remind me of endless evenings spent getting the tube home. Thankfully that didn’t last.

Street Photography at it's most literal

Streets of Edinburgh is an interesting website replete with photos of 987 streets in Edinburgh. No more, no less, no comments, no meaning, just an A-Z and photos of the streets. It’s quite good, when browsed randomly at remembering just how much of Edinburgh is quite plain, ordinary, dour even. Though I’m sure some of that may be the black and white aesthetic.

Whilst I’m on the topic, Dave Henniker’s website features lots of great photos of Edinburgh and has been a site I’ve been looking over for maybe ten years now, certainly it was somewhat of an inspiration in my early photography.