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Misty's Big Adventure

Erotic Volvo

Right, that cements it. After my fourth Misty’s Big Adventure gig I am now happy to say that they are my favourite band in the world ever. I’ve not danced so much at a gig in ages. My favourite song of the evening was I Can’t Take The Time Back or as I originally called it on here:

the amazing song they played when I saw them at the 100 Club (Something about taking the time back)

That blippy keyboard bit at 2:15 or so gets me every time. Their new album Television’s People is out now and is rather marvellous. I’d show you the cover but the lyrics sheet produced in the style of Radio Times is rather more exciting to me.

Misty's Big Adventure - Television's People Lyrics Sheet

Some of you have dared ask for a guess at my favourite music of 2008 already. With only Of Montreal and Tim Ten Yen yet to play their hands Misty’s do look like they are in a good position for the coveted number one slot in my year end round up. Although thanks in no small part to my colleague Alister I’ll be waxing lyrical about oddball oldies as well such as the Joe Meek produced Dumb Head by Sharades.

If you're wondering about the name change…

Astute, observant or just plain obsessed readers may well have noticed that after many years of calling this Alex’s Blog I’ve finally decided to change name to nutty’s nuggets. I’d love to claim that this change was precipitated by weeks of research or even some discussion. But no, instead it’s me ignoring what made this happen:


Above is a chart of my views by week, as you can see 2007 was barely scraping along fed in part thanks to my total lack of blogging at times. Then I made my annual blog about music of the year a month early. As of today that post has had 1,078 views on the site here, more than 10 times the next most popular post which is merely a couple of linked Gondry youtube clips. Now I think some of what caused that success was calling the blog Alex’s Blog which made it float up to the top of largeheartedboy‘s roundup which fed me nearly 1,000 of those 1,078 views! However, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m going to get linked elsewhere I should have a snappier name hence nutty’s nuggets, which at least is as endearingly rubbish as my site design.

On an interesting side note, I was also linked from and had my data scraped for Hype Machine’s 2007 roundup, which includes their rather nice visual version of my top 10 albums of 2007, which they explain a bit in their own blog.

Anyone who’s been following the blog since then, don’t panic!, musical content here will ramp up as I get off my arse to go to gigs and as the new albums by Devotchka, Misty’s Big Adventure and Madness turn up…

2007: now I know…

In web comics I learnt that xkcd rocks (and is worryingly accurate).
Google Reader made my internet addiction quicker and more fulfilling.
Facebook contains most of humanity (and some folk I went to school with)
Planning systems bear no relation to democracy, logic or a useful method of improving your neighbourhood.
Going to gigs a lot is great for the mind and soul but less so for the ears.
English countryside is muddy.
Web video is the way to review video games properly
People are more wonderful than even machines
Good ideas need squared paper
They Might Be Giants invented myspace (sez me)
My time is worth less than a car driver’s
Posting my emusic top 10 got me more readers than anything ever (1500 hits and counting!?)
I should have got cracking on my cack Amiga music project about four years ago

and I realised I love London