Channel M For Misty's Big Adventure

I’m sure I’ve described Misty’s Big Adventure live a number of times, including the wonders of their dancer Erotic Volvo (who has apparently been named Worst Mascot 2007 by The NME[1]). But anyway thanks to Channel M (for Manchester) bringing us Birmingham’s finest band led by a man named Gareth here’s Misty’s playing Crumpled Up Guy, I Can’t Take The Time Back, The Kids Are Radio Active and The Wising Up Song. If you don’t get Crumpled Up Guy skip to 1:05 and enjoy I Can’t Take The Time Back, possibly the best song to combine talk of time and love since the original version of They Might Be Giants First Kiss.

And if the embed don’t show, click here to see it.

[1] fools, I think I feel old to remember when the NME was worth reading for me.