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Twelve great tracks of Twenty-Twelve

Slightly late, but always on time, my music of 2012 posts continue with my favourite tracks. Everything here is new until the end, I’ve weighted the more appealing tracks higher up but skip away, if you like everything on here there’s something wrong with you and if you like nothing on here there’s something terribly wrong with you. Full spotify list is just here folks, links inline with every track for Spotify and iTunes (quick preview on iPad/iPhone etc.).

Frankie Rose – Know Me [Spotify] [iTunes] [YouTube]

I’m not sure you can “waste your time in fiction or rhyme”, but at first I thought this was the lead track off a magnificent debut. Later in the year I realised this was in fact a difficult (or indeed, much improved it seems) second album. “Know me, don’t know me” is my singalong chorus of the year. Continue reading