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2006 – a year of creation

2005 was a strange year.
It’s the first full year I’ve had down here in London, and it is still down here as I’m only just getting used to it being my home rather than Edinburgh. Of the many things I’ve done in 2005, the most rewarding has been the baking.

gingercake mix

So it was only proper that I made a cake today, a further variation on the ginger cake in Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries with mixed peel in the place of sultanas on the grounds that I don’t have any sultanas in the cupboard and that mixed peel is the best baking ingredient in the world.

gingercake oven

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged so little as the past few months, and while the fanzine idea is great and is happening – it didn’t really catch fire in 2005. There’s all manner of longer pieces up my sleeves and I feel in the mood for writing more, not least because I now have a nice clean new keyboard to write them on.

baked ginger cake

So, as ever, the proof will be in the eating but the aim of the year is to bake and cook more. Take some photographs with the new camera (a digital SLR at last – now that’s a good Christmas and Birthday present). I would be offering you some delightful photos of London today were it not for the fact that the January sales were far too tempting, and also the light was the greyer than grey.

May 2006 bring all of you dear (dimishing no doubt) readers all that you wish. I’ll be raving over the next few days on the Music, TV, and even Books that made staying in during 2005 worthwhile. The Theatre, Films and exhibitions that made 2005 worthwhile have almost all gone in one way or another (though if you are in London see Ibsen’s Pillars of the Community at the National Theatre – it’s ace).

I thought my room was small…

Long before I got job in the big smoke, I’d realised that expensive as Edinburgh was, you got some space for your money. Now, my room is easily the smallest of anything I’ve lived in since starting school so it’s very reassuring to find that someone else is paying much more for so much less.

I even get the rest of a house with mine – which at least gives me somewhere to put bike, bookcase and baking ingredients.

135-a-week rent tag for cupboard

one way ticket

Big news really. I’m going to be heading to London for a junior role in the Product department.
I have an impressively short space of time (just over two weeks) in which to pack, move almost everything I have into my parents house and then pack two bags and head south sometime in early September. I have only nine more days to spend with my colleagues in the branch I have known as work since April of 2002, I’m going to miss a lot of things, but in truth I could do with moving to at least a different city to Edinburgh if not a bigger one, so I’m looking forward to it all.

Between this and the bike ride earlier in the year I’ve pretty much covered my aims for the year, and it’s only August.