Funny Little Plans

Just over a year ago, I reached a decision. I’d spent the best part of a decade working for Waterstone’s and I decided that for whatever reason the magic had gone and it was time for me to leave.

Of course, I then promptly got hired by Apple and spent a year doing maternity cover. So all those plans went on hold, but with that over I’m back into the pile of ideas and trying to strike on with a few things. I’ve already blogged about one of those, my attempt to write up the family history into something more biographical (and perhaps even fact checked for accuracy). There are some other little plans, so I have F Yeah! Dead Imprints! back up and running as I delve through my bookshelves.

Anyway, I’ll be on here from time to time craving your indulgence for whatever’s taken my fancy. For those of you in the book trade, I will be floating around the London Book Fair (as I was advised to a year ago!) and you can of course nag me if you want to catch up there.