My Porch is not a "safe place"


Alas, TNT didn’t agree and left my package there. Would you believe it had gone within the hour?

4 thoughts on “My Porch is not a "safe place"

  1. Alex Post author

    Yeah, one nintendo DS, let’s leave £100 on Alex’s doorstep in view of a busy street!

    Thankfully I got a refund from Amazon and bought it in HMV instead.

  2. Bruce

    I get the impression TNT aren’t very reliable – even less so than the other delivery companies. I’ve been trying to get a set of speakers delivered: they phoned me up last Monday and told me they’d be returning the package to the sender if they didn’t hear from me – and that’s the first I’d heard they were trying to deliver it. Then I paid for a Saturday delivery – only for them not to turn up. I’m working from home tomorrow in an attempt to finally get it from them!

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