Internet Free Running

Some folk are disappointed that there aren’t any video game critics of note. Me, I worry about decent reviewers of comedy. Now obviously looking to the Radio Times for an insight is a daft idea but somehow the reactions of Alison Graham have grown some power beyond their merit.

Now, as a hopeful comedy fan and someone who loves Armando Ianucci more than I possibly should[1] I was looking forward to Time Trumpet a series style extension of the fake history with stupid talking heads technique he used in Clinton’s Struggle With Dirt. Sadly however the 10 minute preview which aired last week does not inspire much confidence.

Fortunately comedy fans have the best method of criticism available in their arsenal, telling funnier jokes. And there is therefore, already (even before the show airs properly) a marvellous spoof video from the maker of the equally excellent piss take on Nathan Barley.

In the meantime we can at least look forward to The Armando Iannucci Shows finally appearing on DVD complete with east end thugs shouting at washing machines to fix them, the ultimate in car garage observational comedy, those chats with Hugh and a house with things not quite as they seem. Sadly the video effects here make Time Trumpet look, well, cheap and unfunny.

Still, if you want a real giggle watch the plan B for the millenium dome which is quite supreme. Of course, I might just be being a cynical so-and-so so I’ll be watching Time Trumpet when it airs properly but I don’t hold out much hope.