Beirut – Gulag Orkestra

First great musical find artist wise of 2006 at long last.
Partly thanks to emusic flinging a free mp3 at me as a daily download and then thanks to the reviews on emusic saying Pitchfork was not on crack this time.

Fortunately, the artist is tuned on enough to have free downloads of his good songs on his website, so go there and hit the piano for sounds (just under b and e), and get yourself Postcards From Italy at the very least.

I see this as fitting into the genre of slacker indie with odd instrumentation from which my good old Favourites Fog and Why? came from, but the horns and accordians have a lovely old feel to them in contrast to the turntablism, sampling and hip-hop the anticon brethren indulge in. Worth listenning to even if you decide you dislike it. One thing I can’t quite work out is that although he does sing a bit (especially on Postcards From Italy) like Rufus Wainwright he somehow doesn’t annoy me in the same way as Rufus does. Maybe it’s because he is just wailing when he wails.

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