Sufjan's Supercomputer

Pitchfork have a lovely exclusive track from that modern indie pop genius Sufjan Stevens singing about the wonders of a supercomputer.

It’s great, and you should get it.

3 thoughts on “Sufjan's Supercomputer

  1. Tom

    Wow, sounds like every other Sufjan Stevens track ever.

    Except i can’t make out 90% of the lyrics. Needs a bit of EQing, i’d say – too horny.

    — tom

  2. Alex Post author

    Well, it is from the album of remnants from Illinois so it’s understandably alike that stuff.
    I strongly doubt the Avalanche album this comes from will be the best album of off-cuts ever. That accolade belongs of course to Prefuse 73’s Extinguished Outtakes.

  3. kurmy

    keep listening, it has several gems, i enjoyed most of the songs but coulda done without the many versions of chicago

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