Alex of the Clan Hay

hay modern

With my sister’s wedding now only seven weeks away, it’s a good thing I finally got around to getting measured for and ordering my kilt last week. I had deliberated (or more honestly dithered) on the choice between kilt and suit but such a rare family occaision is probably best celebrated by harking back to old times.

The tartan I have chosen is Hay Modern, which not only has a nice design but also is one I am realted to via the Gifford’s on my mother’s side.

Clan Hay Website

This also means that I will have a proper kilt before I have a proper suit, but I’ll get around to that one sometime soon.

2 thoughts on “Alex of the Clan Hay

  1. Joe

    Ah, harken back to ‘old times’ – would that be the Old Times when Watty Scott and his mates re-invented a romanticised version of the Scottish past?!?! If you really want to harken back to old days, paint yourself blue 🙂

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