New adventures in Hi-Fi

So, imagine if the RIAA was lying all along and sales of music were actually improving?
You don’t need to dream.
Yes, all of those RIAA decline in music sales figures would appear to have been based on figures for “sold in” to shops rather than sold from. Naturally, high street stores are generally aiming to stock less and yet sell more (it’s a much more profitable way to operate). There’s also some interest as to how much the RIAA are interested in the sales all along the tail rather than just in the top 200.

You’ll be reassured to note therefore that online music (even the illegal stuff) is not evil after all. It would also appear that Sony like the idea of a itunes for video. Nifty but I’d like to see the Sony wireless movie viewer to watch them on first…

1 thought on “New adventures in Hi-Fi

  1. Mark Brown

    Sony have always had a bit of a mixed attitude to this sort of stuff: while their music and film companies are enthusiastic about all the distribution restriction things their hardware side has never been terribly keen on it.

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