New Year –> New Blog

There’s only so much hacking around with b2 to turn it into wordpress a boy can take.

Anyway – for now, I’ve gone for the scorched earth approach – no more porn spam, and a need to finally sort my CSS.

5 thoughts on “New Year –> New Blog

  1. Alex Ingram

    I will be blogging more frequently, afterall this is a year with a lot of books to read, plenty of photos to take and lots of things to be done…

    Watch this (still rather empty) space!

  2. olly

    Aha! So thats why your feed stopped working. Good luck with the new blog. I also feel the need to include the word ‘blogosphere’, just for fun.

  3. George

    Yes, good luck indeed. I moved to WordPress over the Christmas period and I haven’t looked back – no more comment spam at all. Pure genius.

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