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Workplace Jukebox

Thanks to various of my colleagues but possibly mostly the rather lovely and ever more missed SJP, I’ve always associated certain publishers or titles with certain songs. This largely revolved around singing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart when a certain publisher was mentioned (clue: they’re not called bright eyes).

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of dealing with Twilight at work lately and I’d been listening to ELO at the weekend. This therefore means I have Twilight from the album Time stuck in my mind. The album itself is, I think, rather a corker, even if it was only really made as part of a contractual obligation. There’s really not a great video of it, but thankfully there is the epic fan made video Daicon IV made for a Japanese SF Convention of the same name. The video is a riot, containing some frankly ludicrously good animation and references to every single possible piece of SF culture.