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Much of 2010 was spent marvelling at the musical genius contained within this YouTube clip showing the Adrian Rollini Trio.

ADRIAN ROLLINI TRIO – Girl With Light Blue Hair

I first hit upon this because it was a Raymond Scott cover, but as a piece of three handed jazz it’s pretty amazing to my ears. For one thing Rollini looks outstandingly nonchalant whilst banging out what is actually a really complex tune on some pretty unwieldy instruments. For another it’s aged bloody well.

Adrian Rollini Trio-Limehouse Blues

It would be great to one day track down a copy of Adrian Rollini’s 1948 Mercury EP and get a copy of this that wasn’t a poor left channel only recording.

Adrian Rollini Trio – Jazz Me Blues

And you’ve just got to love it when the tubular bells kick in here.

So, my big big target for the rest of my life is to track down a copy of this CD. It’s out of print, and I can’t find a copy anywhere. Any help appreciated.