What I really want to see

Partly I’d like to see all this argument continue much longer, it’s been thrilling to have actual news to follow and for a politics news junkie like myself this is a strong hit. At some point, sadly, we must see the endgame reached.

So here’s what I’d like to see:

Tories governing on a minority basis with confidence from the Lib Dems.
But with an all party economic council, embracing and extending that which Nick Clegg often spoke about in the debates to include the various Scottish, Irish and Welsh national parties and the Green.
From that supply coming from across the house and an agreement that the queens speech shall be drawn from consensus policies drawn from all parties.

Then three sets of reforms.
Firstly, a wide ranging set of procedural reforms of the House of Commons, to be implemented over the summer. These would be measures to make the chamber adequately respond to the three party nature of politics, and would put the leaders of all opposition parties with more than a dozen members 3 questions and a guaranteed question for all other parties. Also to ensure that the calling of members of debates ceases to be based on their relative seniority in the chamber but instead on a mixture of good judgement and pre-agreed order debate by debate.
Secondly, an examination of the democracy of local and regional government within England, aiming to empower the London assembly and review the voting system for councils.
And thirdly, a referendum on the proposals for AV+ from the Jenkins review. Should a vote on that fail either in the house or in referendum, then a requirement for a commission to re-examine the topic to present proposals to parliament within a year such that there is genuine reform within this parliament.

And all of this under a fixed term four year parliament with an agreement for fixed term parliaments hereafter.