Tipped For The Top (sorta)

It’s a new year so everyone‘s trying to predict the big musical acts forthe year. I hate such nonsense myself but as a prelude to my usual year end round-up here’s a few acts I’ve come across lately that stand at best an infinitesimally small chance of making it big but who I really rate. It must also be said that much as I doubt the odds of any of these even achieving big cult status in a world in which Why? is finally lauded as an indie master in the year end round-ups anything is possible. They’re all British – my days as an American Indie Kid are clearly numbered. This is flash heavy, so if you’re reading on facebook or a bad RSS reader, click-through to my site for the videos and other embeds.

Modernaire [myspace] [free tracks]
I fell in love with Modernaire pretty much instantly, and blogged in a state of much excitement, convinced that they were set to eclipse The Ting Tings and become the biggest best pop electro act of all time. I saw them live in a smal pub out East amidst an audience that either included the Pet Shop Boys or a muppet in a furry hat. Live, they are absolutely stellar, Hannah the lead singer is blessed with an obscenely good voice and the dance moves they had worked out for Bloodshed In The Woodshed in particular were just the right side of amusing and appropriate. I’d say Bloodshed In The Woodshed is the song of theirs that sticks in my head the most, as it has the daftest wordplay…

Do you feel hunted, haunted, moderately daunted?

…and a completely killer near rap chorus. There’s an album due this year hopefully, but in the meantime their EP Velvet Never Dries is available from their Myspace page and well worth a purchase.

Bloodshed In The Woodshed – Modernaire

The Moulettes [myspace] [free songs]
Look familiar? Yes it’s the girls from Modernaire in another guise. And though different (except where their songs overlap) just as great. I’ve yet to see them live, but their Live EP, Songs From Saint Margaret’s leaves me convinced that I must see them this year. Essentially a modern folk act they focus on cello,

Meursault [myspace] [free songs and album purchase] [emusic]
More modern folk, this time hailing from Scotland, and on Song, By Toad’s record label. My friend Ross mentioned their album to me on Facebook and I found myself downloading it from emusic minutes later and loving it within the hour. It’s no exaggeration to say that Meursault completely derailed my songs of 2008 posts as I’ve had to re-rank everything in their wake. Their use of guitar, ukulele and banjo and their fast rhythm piled up against various electronic warbles and a vocal that gloriously struggles it’s way out of the speaker has me in rapture. Here’s a session version of The Furnace, which is damn good, though do nip here and listen to the alternate studio version for a good flavour of how the album sounds.

Tim Ten Yen [myspace] [website] [emusic]
The singing salaryman, I caught Tim Ten Yen at The Brainlove All Dayer in the summer and realised I could cope with missing Eurovision that night. He reminds me a lot of Nik Kershaw circa Human Racing and his live act is surprisingly powerful considering it’s basically him, a keyboard and the odd mean move from Tim and a mean look from The Sinister Cat. Once I heard Sea Anemone I was sold.

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  1. Ross

    Glad you liked Meursault. On a vaguely related note (i.e. I saw him the same night I saw Meursault play last) you should check out Samamidon. Very stripped back American folk music.

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