Pagan Wanderer Lu

Pagan Wanderer Lu’s Live at
is a nicely recorded free introduction to the peculiar musical stylings of Andy Regan. A label mate of Napoleon IIIrd whose In Debt To is not only the CD I nearly snapped in half by stepping on it on my floor this week but also my favourite new British act of last year.

Basically you get a mix of organ sounds, urgent vocals and some odd noises whacked on top. What both he and Napoleon IIIrd do is interesting and doubtlessly they will be compared to Badly Drawn Boy if they make it big in any way. But actually I’d rather they just stick to their lo-fi stylings for now and produce obscure pop of this nature. It’s dead good stuff. If you don’t fancy a whole EP, then grab Our New Hospital Sucks in early radio form from his website.

Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Tree Of Knowledge – Live At

Or get Tree Of Knowledge which has a very repetitive beginning with chants in very schoolyard like style and which has for me the lyric that is a gold standard and hard to beat.

Christians like you are why god invented lions

And there’s the bit that sounds like him taking out the tape and playing it backwards. I dearly hope that’s what he did. Shame, his technology minorly fails him near the end, but I disagree with him, the lad deserves applause.

Can’t wait for the album…