(s)he's in love [with] With The Dark

Those of you who know me (aka readers[1]) know I’m a bit of a They Might Be Giants fan. So I’ve been listenning to the new studio album for a while now, and I think it’s great. However, as a fan I’ve had almost all critical faculties removed so you can ignore that opinion.

However, I entreat you to please watch the embedded clip made by a fan for With The Dark which on the mega plus side has the Johns fighting a giant squid IN SPACE.

[1] readers aka disappointed folk who’d rather I blogged more and/or fixed my RSS feed.

1 thought on “(s)he's in love [with] With The Dark

  1. Olly Jackson

    re: readers

    zomg new blog. I did think that your old RSS feed hadn’t updated in a while. You going to settle on a blog platform anytime soon? 🙂

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