you too can hear the voices music in my head

Luisterpaal is a bit like myspace but infinitely more useful. I’ve been on the verge of blogging up here that you should all go and listen to the music on DC Recordings (label), Padded Cell (pretty good artist on that label) and Emperor Machine (very good artist on that label) for some time. But if you go to LuisterPaal you can just listen to the DC Recordings compilation Death Before Distemper (which I’m listenning to a lot), the new Emperor Machine album (which I’ve been waiting for since I moved to London two years ago and is sounding pretty good thus far but I’ve only reached track two), and also the new Rapture album – which is worth it for Whoo Alright Yeah Ah-Huh alone.

But hurry, because luisterpaal will update with newer musical delights all too soon.
I reccomend most strongly that you check out Unknown Zone by Padded Cell on Death Before Distemper. If you imagine semi radiophonic workshop inspired electro which quite likes being a little less harshly structured and a bit more organic you get the idea.

Also, it has to be admitted that DC Recordings artwork is pretty even with numbers plastered all over the covers.

Meanwhile, Cornelius is starting to preview his new album, via youtube…