fairground attraction

At some point last year, having taken the train up and down the country for the umpteenth time[1] I realised that every single time I got the train there was always a girl usually half a carriage away wearing a t-shirt in a marvellous shade of green that I would then find very attractive. Of course, it was always a different girl, so it led me to wonder about the way in which attraction works.

So, over time I’ve evolved the theory and come to realise that there are three colours what make girls attractive to my eyes and they are pretty much any vibrant shade of green, blue or pink. Though rule breakers (wearing different colours to these) are naturally even more attractive until I figure it out what draws me to them.

Now, vibrant shades I thought: “where would I get obsessed with bright colours from?”
Then as I was sat on the tube yesterday I looked up at the tube map and it all made sense.

I now also know why I live in Hammersmith.

[1] something I’m doing a little less lately having been home only once so far this year.

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